Gold Plattan Vanity Tray
Gold Plattan Vanity Tray

Gold Plattan Vanity Tray

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This elegant tray takes displaying your makeup to a new level.

Crafted with Skultuna, the 400-year-old Swedish luxury brand known for its exquisite brasswork, Guld Plattan is designed to showcase all of your makeup essentials. This special collaboration brings exquisite craftsmanship—and a touch of gold—to your beauty ritual. Consciously crafted with an inlay of apple leather, which acts as a plant-based and high performance alternative to leather that maintains a buttery smooth texture. A sustainable and cruelty-free material, apple leather helps reduce the overall carbon footprint.

The golden, mirror-like finish of the brass is achieved from a unique spinning technique, perfected by Skultuna over centuries of production. Brass is a living material that will oxidize with time. To maintain integrity and shine, buff with Skultuna's gentle metal polish and a dry cloth as needed. 

 A sustainable alternative to leather, repurposed from the byproduct of apples. From the fruit’s rich pulp, an innovative and environmentally friendly piece of leather-like fabric is created that is luxurious and buttery in texture.

Dimensions measure approximately 1.6" x 9.8" x 9.8"